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Work With a Shipping Partner That Has Your Back.

Our talented team provides customers with value-added service by transporting challenging freight across the country.


If we could describe our culture in one word, it would be committed. We are committed to:

To our purpose

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Build trust and confidence by serving & valuing people.

To our people

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When it comes to our customers and our people, we make decisions with humans in mind.

To our vision

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Become the trucking standard of excellence.

The logo for Mast Trucking, a prominent trucking company specializing in shipping solutions with skilled and experienced truck drivers.
Founded in 1969

Mast Benefits

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Speak to a human 24/7

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Fair Market Rates

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On-Time Delivery

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Never get the “Where’s my stuff?” call again.

Our Expertise:

Challenging Freight

East Coast


We Fix Problems

Issues are inevitable.

We deal with every issue in a timely and practical manner.

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You are the hero to your customer

We work in the background to keep it that way.

Mast Trucking owner, Kevin Mast.


Kevin Mast

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in Millersburg, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio

Deliver to 1045 Cities Across the U.S.A.

Core Focus

Asset Based Refrigerated Transportation

Our Values

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Be Respectful

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Our Purpose

To Build Trust by Serving and Valuing People