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Non-driving Positions

Learn about work opportunities available with Mast beyond trucking.

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When you join our team, you become part of a hardworking, family-owned business that values people. Our non-driving positions are just as essential to the success of our business as the drivers on the road. We all work together to serve our customers — and we all make decisions that impact our customers (and our business) every day. It is our aim to establish a trucking standard of excellence in our industry.

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Truck and Trailer Mechanics

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Important work

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a job where you don’t feel like the work you do matters. You work hard to care for your family — and you deserve to do so in an environment that appreciates the work that you do. At Mast Trucking, we strive to serve people — internally and externally. It’s our purpose to build trust by serving and valuing our employees.

Valuing You

Mast Trucking employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package that has been created to make sure our team members are well taken care of. We pride ourselves on creating jobs that people want to do — not a job that people dread coming to each day. As a family owned business, we have created our benefits package with families in mind — and so we offer healthcare benefits, 401K, and much more to all of our employees.

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From healthcare to 401k matching, all of our full-time positions include great benefits.

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We are always interested in working with great people.