Are you tired of being lied to?

Your job should be somewhere you want to work. As a driver, you work in an industry that supplies America with everything it needs to keep going, and you deserve to be treated in a way that reflects how important your work truly is. You deserve to have the means to care for your family in an environment that makes you feel valued and respected.

That’s why we created The Mast Big 5. Our pledge is two sided: it requires a commitment from you, and a commitment from us.

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Guaranteed home time

You get the home time your position specifies.


Treated like you are in the room

We make decisions as if you're sitting right beside us.


Comprehensive benefits package

All of our full-time positions include a comprehensive benefits package that includes 401k retirement contributions and medical insurance.


Your work is valued

Most aspects of everyday life are only possible because of the hard work of trucking professionals. We promise to value you as part of an industry that makes the American way of life possible.


We keep our word

We've built our business on trust for the last 50 years, and we're continuing to build on that tradition for the next 50+. All employees are given direct access to the owner's personal cell. Our owner responds to 100% of calls and messages.

to us:

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Pick from any available position

Choose whatever plan makes sense for you and your family.

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Work hard

Our team is composed of high performers. You are expected to show up on time and rested.

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Drug-free environment

Work in a zero-tolerance drug-free environment.

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Work that’s worth doing

It’s not enough to just have a job — you want a job that pays well and allows you to take care of yourself and your family. That job should also make you feel respected, not like the lowest guy on the totem pole. The Mast Big 5 is just the beginning of our commitment to our team members and employees — we also offer great benefits.

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Why The Mast Big 5?

The Mast Big 5 was born from the first-hand experience our owner, Kevin Mast, who started as a truck driver. Over the years he’s learned that lots of companies over-promise and under-deliver. So when he joined his father Willis at Mast Trucking, they set out build a different kind of trucking company — a company that keeps its word. That’s why The Mast Big 5 promises to treat everyone with respect — from employees, to customers, to vendors.

To read more about our company’s history, check out Our Story.

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Work for a company that keeps its word

Work in an environment that respects your work and stands behind you with The Mast Big 5.