Driving a million miles safely is a significant accomplishment.

We recognize our drivers that have driven one million safe miles with an elite status.
Only 15% of all Mast drivers ever accomplish this milestone.

2 Million Safe Miles!

Driver- Joe Hershberger

Joe Hershberger - 2018

Driver- Don Wiles

Don Wiles - 2019

Driver- Jeff Wagner

Jeff Wagner - 2022

Drivers with One Million Safe Miles

Driver- Kelly Hathaway

Kelly Hathaway

Driver- Randy Hathaway

Randy Hathaway

Driver- Donny Miller

Donny Miller

Driver- Ron Smith

Ron Smith


Safety at Mast Trucking

Mast Trucking puts a priority on safety for their employees and customers while transporting freight throughout the eastern half of the United States.

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Quarterly safety training

Every team member is responsible for making safe decisions each day, and so we require all of our drivers to undergo safety training each quarter.

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Recent equipment and proactive maintenance

The average age of our fleet is 2.5 years old, and all equipment undergoes regular maintenance so that our drivers are in the best position for success and safety at work.

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Safe driving rewards

When our drivers complete miles without accidents and internal safety training, they receive a built-in safety bonus that compensates them for a job-well-done.

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