Pay Structure

Our salary-based pay ensures a consistent paycheck

What is salary-based pay?

Salary-based pay is a pay plan that starts with a guaranteed weekly salary, and then adds mileage and performance/safety bonuses on top.

Why don't you just pay a cents-per-mile rate?

At Mast Trucking, we specialize in refrigerated freight. We're a multiple-stop company, servicing grocery stores and food warehouses across the region. We spend about 80% of our time hauling freight to the East Coast area. All of these factors keep us from running extremely high miles. Since we aren't a high-mile company, we think it would be unfair to you as a driver to earn a flat cents-per-mile rate. A salary-based pay plan ensures that you have a consistent paycheck, even when your mileage numbers aren't that high.

What kind of money will I make?

As a family-owned company, we understand that taking home a good paycheck is important to both you and your family. On our salary-based pay plans, you'll make more than the national average for truckers.

What are the benefits of a salary-based pay plan?

There are many great reasons for salary-based pay plans. Here's a few:

  • Consistent paycheck - you'll know what to expect from week to week
  • Have a low mile week? No worries! You may see a slight dent, but it won't be the roller-coaster ride of the mileage paycheck.
  • You and your family's budget is much easier to plan
  • Have to sit and wait at a receiver? You'll still be making money.

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